This program has been possible through partnership and financial support from  Bayer Fund and the County Government of Turkana

Africare is in partnership with Bayer Fund, a separate legal entity from Bayer Company. As the philanthropic arm of Bayer Company, the Bayer Fund, for over 50 years, has focused on one goal -strengthening both farming communities and the communities where their employees live and work.

Why does the Bayer Fund want to work and/or be involved in Kenya? 

-One of the primary goals of the Bayer Fund is to address global malnutrition and food insecurity impacting young children globally. As such the Bayer Fund provides funding to qualified nonprofits in support of programs aimed at fighting malnutrition by improving access to and encouraging healthy behaviors toward food, with a focus on the needs of women and children.

Why Kenya? How does the nutrition solutions portfolio fit into Bayer’s own CSR plan?
Bayer Fund’s Food and Nutrition Strategy was launched in 2016 with the thought of finding reputable organizations to partner with to launch pilot programs in three geographies. Kenya was chosen as one of the three locations due to:
1) Existence of critical needs in the areas of hunger or obesity.
2) Malnutrition is a priority issue in Turkana County.
3) Bayer Fund’s mission to focus on farm communities and communities in which Bayer has a business presence, which it does in Kenya. With offices in Nairobi, Kenya is Bayer Fund’s third regional focus. The other two areas of operations for our Food and Nutrition Strategy are the United States and Brazil.