October 27th, 2020-Through funding from Bayer Fund, Africare IMPACT continues to support nutrition intervention programs in Turkana County, Kenya. We have managed to support farmers plough their land, provided farming tools, distributed certified seeds and currently working with communities to come up with solutions to water problems.

As an organization, we are keen on supporting communities to increase the production and utilization of diversified foods. To achieve this, we are delighted to distribute certified seeds to farmers in Katilu and Turkwel wards. Each of the 880 households targeted shall receive four types of assorted vegetable seeds. The seeds include those of sunnhemp(miroo), black-night shade(sujaa), spiderplant (Sagaa/chaboi), pig weed/amarandus, okra, cowpeas, butternut and watermelon seeds. The seeds were carefully picked to ensure they are those of crops with high nutritional content.

Africare works to provide a sustainable solution to the circle of malnutrition. Together with our partners we have ploughed 101ha of land since the beginning of the year. The farms are rehabilitated schemes and new farms all in Katilu and Turkwel. We have also taken representative farmers and lead mothers through a four- day training on Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs).  This is to build capacity among the farmers.

Water is a critical component in the production of food. It is the biggest concern to farmers in our target areas. We are grateful that in schemes such as Nadapal in Turkwel ward and Green Angels in Katilu ward, we have partnered with the community to come up with a solution. In Nadapal we supported farmers rehabilitate water canal while in Green Angels we are in the process of procuring a bigger water pump that will enable them to irrigate the entire farm. A total of 1.5KM of water canal have been rehabilitated in different farms.


For further information contact: 

Africare IMPACT Program(Kenya)

Media Contact: Dominic Kosgei

dkosgei@africare.org/ (+254) 727 802099

Notes to editors 

Africare IMPACT Program

The Bayer Foundation, in partnership with Africare is committed to upscale interventions to improve nutrition and access to healthy food for mothers and young children in Kenya. Africare will achieve improvements in nutrition, food security and resilience outcomes for households in Turkwel in Loima Sub County and Katilu Sub County in Turkana County through a two-pronged approach

1.) Address immediate causes of malnutrition by improving access to quality health services and increase knowledge for the prevention and treatment of malnutrition

2). Address underlying determinants of malnutrition by increasing household access, availability, and consumption of diversified and nutrient-rich food.

Social media links

Website: https://www.africareimpact.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/impactnutritionkenya

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AfricareImpact

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/africareimpactprogram/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/africare-impact-program/

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